Flywheel Machining

We specialise in machining all types of flywheels including stepped, flat and recessed flywheels. We can cater for vehicles ranging from small cars to large trucks.

  • Clutch slipping, non-release and shudder problems may be caused by a worn or incorrectly machined flywheel
  • For both safety and warranty reasons it is important to machine your flywheel before installation of a new clutch.
  • Before machining the flywheel, First Choice Automotive will source manufacturer specifications and carefully inspect for heat cracks and run out or warping.
  • Depending of severity of warping, most can be machined out. Cracked flywheels need to be replaced.
  • Flywheel dowels will be replaced if lost or damaged to ensure correct location of new clutch.
  • All flywheels are coated with a protective coating to inhibit rust prior to fitment.

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