Caliper Overhauling Service

First Choice Automotive specialise in Caliper Overhauling

Purchasing new calipers for older model cars can often be difficult as finding an off the shelf service is very rare, subsequently making them expensive to buy.

Our caliper reconditioning service provide a much cheaper, convenient, quality and easy alternative.

We can also provide quality new brake parts to match our caliper reconditioning service including Brake Pads, Shoes and Rotors.

Our caliper overhauling service is suitable for almost any  make or model caliper.

This service includes

  • Inspection of existing condition and removal of caliper piston, old seal and caliper boot
    Removal of caliper slides
  • Clean up of caliper, rust, oil and corrosion removal via sand blasting of frame and manual buff (if required)
  • Inspection of caliper piston for corrosion, rust, warping or any other defects and replaced if necessary (additional cost)
  • Reassembling of caliper with new piston seals, caliper boot seal and slide boots

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