Brake Shoe Rebonding

For over 15 years First Choice Automotive has bonded hundreds of brake shoes. If you are restoring or servicing a vehicle with drum brakes First Choice Automotive can supply a new set, if available, or rebond your own brake shoes.

Older vehicles undergoing restoration are most likely to have had their drums machined at least once in their life. If you can measure your brake drum diameter it is important because this will tell us if the drum has been machined oversize. If so, we can bond an oversize lining to compensate, and radius grind the shoes to give immediate full contact.

We carry linings of different types for different applications.

Top Ten Signs of Brake Wear

  1. High pitched squealing
  2. Vibration in the steering wheel when applying brakes
  3. Grinding/groaning noise when applying brakes
  4. Longer braking distances to stop
  5. Longer pedal travel
  6. Car feeling as tho its “pulling” to the left or right when stopping
  7. A weak emergency brake
  8. A bad smell after coming to a hard stop
  9. Pedal “fade”
  10. Not stopping

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