Brake Disc and Drum Machining

During the life of your brake discs/drums the constant strain of applying the brakes can cause wear and tear on the surface of your discs/drums.

Severe lip or uneven surface caused by pad wear or distortion and cracking caused by heat are just a few of the symptoms.

The first step to rectify these problems is to machine the friction surface of the rotor returning the contact surface to its original state. By doing this you give your new pads the best possible opportunity to “bed in” correctly.

All discs/drums have a minimum and maximum manufactures specification; some are stamped with this information if not measurements are easily found of manufacturers web sites.

Before machining your discs/drums their thickness is measured and checked against manufacturers’ specifications. If machining them will cause them to fall below the minimum thickness, they will not be machined for safety reasons and will need to be replaced.

Machining the rotors requires a specialised lathe which basically cuts them a new surface.

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